Wipe cleaning agents

Floor cleaner

Floor cleaner clear wipes highly concentrated

Glossy wiping without polymer additive for the maintenance of all water-resistant coated and uncoated floors, eg linoleum, PVC, laminate, synthetic rubber, marble, granite and artificial stone. New luster and deodorizing fresh air in all rooms.

431101 Dosing bottle 1000ml
431111 Canister 10l

Polymeric wipes highly concentrated

Polymeric wipes highly concentrated

Cleans and nourishes perfectly, dirt-repellent, anti-slip and self-lustering. Forms clear protective film without layering. Polishable by high-speed method. For all water-resistant soils, especially for uncoated, eg PVC, linoleum, gum-pile floors, natural stone and artificial stone.

431301 Dosing bottle 1000ml
431311 Canister 10l

Alcohol cleaner

Alcohol cleaner

For material-friendly gloss cleaning without streaks and streaks. Full-bodied, fast-drying, with deodorizing fresh air. For all water resistant, also coated surfaces.

430510 Canister 10l

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