Sanitary cleaners

Sanitary cleaner highly concentrated

Sanitary cleaner highly concentrated

with citric and amidosulfonic acid. Cleans highly effective and hygienic lime and urine stone as well as grease contamination in the sanitary area. Cleans stainless steel surfaces shiny without water stains. Protects fittings, joints and tiles. Also against lime stains in the kitchen area.

440525 Dosing bottle 1000ml
440511 Canister 10l

Marble cleaner bath cleaner

Marble cleaner bath cleaner

Acid-free special cleaner for marble, enamel and all acid sensitive surfaces. Gentle cleansing of old limestone soaps. Everything is clean and sparkling in the original shine.

Marble cleaner bath cleaner
444100 Spray bottle 1000ml
444010 Canister 10l

WC cleaner

WC cleaner "viscous"

Basic and intermediate cleaner for WC and urinal systems. Urinstein and Kalklöser Reliably dissolves lime, urine and dirt. Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces. Has a persistent, viscous effect.

440523 Slant neck bottle 750ml

Lime Cleaner

Lime Cleaner, Sanitary cleaner

dissolves with phosphoric acid quickly and automatically strong deposits of lime, water, and urine. Removes cement veil, limescale deposits and grease contamination in the sanitary area.

440701 Spray bottle 1000ml
440710 Canister 10l

Lemon-scented oil

Lemon-scented oil

Deodorizing air improver for the sanitary area and for all rooms where fresh citrus fruit is welcome. Deodorizing, germ-reducing.

Lemon-scented oil
440601 Spray bottle 1000ml

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