Computer cleaning

Computer cleaning

keyboard cleaner

Keyboard cleaner

Spray cleaner for a gentle removal of dust, perspiration, grease and makeup on keyboards and telephones. Strokes from ballpoint pens, felt tip pen and strokes on case and keyboards, nicotine deposits on plastic, toner and ribbon contamination, ink splatters on plotters and printers, stamping ink and correcting agents, saliva, bacteria, grease and makeup on telephone listeners and microphones.

1001 spray bottle 150ml

Screen Cleaner Monitor Cleaner

Screen Cleaner Monitor Cleaner

for clean screens and displays

Spray cleaner for the gentle and gentle removal of fingerprints, grease and dust on monitors, strokes from ballpoint pens, strokes on glass surfaces, nicotine deposits on all screens.

The spray cleaner ELYSPRAY 02 cleans antireflective and antistatic.

1002 spray bottle 150ml

PC set with tips and cloths

PC set for computer cleaning

with tips and cloths

ELYSPRAY belongs to every PC workplace - not just for technical reasons but mainly because of the health of the employees. With "its" ELYSPRAY, any PC user can easily ensure the desired cleanliness of his environment. ELYSPRAY with micro-atomization cleans thoroughly structurally and environmentally friendly.

1009 PC-Set

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