Elysee GmbH in Augsburg

ELYSEE GmbH Augsburg Germany

VorbereitungThe company ELYSEE GmbH was founded in August 1978 as a German-Swedish cosmetics production company and from the very beginning produced natural skin care cosmetics. Today, we are a purely German company that manufactures and distributes cosmetic products and creme soaps (Helen Gibson, Elyderm etc.) and cleaning products for professional use (ELYSPRAY, ELYCLEAN etc.) as a company group in two separate plants.

FillingImportant administrative parts are located in the city center of Augsburg Germany, separate from the production sites. A spatial separation had become necessary because visitors could not be admitted to the production. Well-known brands are manufactured here and secrecy contracts prohibit external insights. Our Augsburg address is therefore the only point of departure for all our customers' questions and requests.

PackingThe development continues. New developments leave our laboratory almost weekly. The production works according to the most modern requirements and is certified several times. In the future, we will remain true to our philosophy and consider the optimization of the topicality and quality of our products as the first priority.

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