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Primer Dispersion

Primer Dispersion

Extremely hard wearing with a particularly high solids content. Uniformly good flow and high filling force, very abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, dirt-repellent, insensitive to walking traces. Suitable for all water-resistant floor coverings.

431321 Canister 10l

Polyacryl Dispersion

High quality Polyacryl Dispersion

for the long-lasting coating. The metal-cured robust film is anti-slip, water resistant, dirt repellent and particularly hard-wearing. ROBUST is a combination product for coating, maintenance and cleaning, high-speed. For all water-resistant floor coverings.

431322 Canister 10l

Special self luster emulsion

Special Emulsion

high-gloss, self-luster emulsion with good filling power due to high wax content. Durable by polymer additives. Very economical and easy to polish. For the maintenance and cleaning of all water-resistant soils.

431313 Canister 10l

Stone protection

Stone protection

Novel product for the invisible sealing of surfaces of ceramics, stone, artificial stone, marble, terracotta etc. Lets air exchange from the inside outwards. Protects against the penetration of moisture, grease and dirt, lime and urine, as well as against graffiti on smooth surfaces (except plaster).

Stone protection
431335 Bottle 1000ml
431330 Canister 10l

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