Universal Cleaner

Alcohol Universal Cleaner

Alcohol Universal cleaner highly concentrated

High cleaning power, shiny, free drying, deodorizing fresh air, best skin tolerance. For the maintenance of all water resistant surfaces of plastic, ceramics, glass and metal, marble, stone and artificial stone – also for the maintenance of coated floors.

430501 Dosing bottle 1000ml
430511 Canister 10l

Universal Cleaner Alkaline

Alcohol Universal cleaner highly concentrated „alkaline“

Cleans quickly and thoroughly, without streaks without veil, gentle and skin-friendly. For the periodic and continuous cleaning of all washable surfaces made of plastic, ceramic, glass, metal and sealed wood. For wet wiping and scrubbing, also suitable for cleaning machines.

430312 Dosing bottle 1000ml
430310 Canister 10l

Elyclean Power Cleaner

Power Cleaner - dissolves fat and oil

For all water-resistant surfaces and floors in the industrial sector, for workshops, large kitchens and food processing plants. Suitable for manual use, but also for use in cleaning machines and high-pressure devices.

430210 Canister 10l

Elyclean Ever-Star

Special Universal cleaner „alkaline“

Cleans contaminations of grease, plant dyes, blood, coffee, red wine, ink as well as other organic and mineral contaminants. Ever-Star cleans all washable surfaces and floors gently and thoroughly, also carpets, upholstery and textiles.

490050 Trigger bottle 500ml

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