Cleaning supplies accessories

somersault bottle

Somersault Bottle - Special spray bottle

for spraying, inject and foaming, even in the application "overhead". With printed graduation for exact dosing of ELYCLEAN concentrates in dilution 1:10 with water. Intensive cleaners are used for the application, eg in housekeeping. To avoid spray mist in enclosed spaces, a foam attachment is included.

441600 Special spray bottle

Object bottle

Object bottle 1000ml

with spray or dosing cap, on request equipped with labels Intensive cleaner of the High Concentrate Program. (For quality after 1:10 dilution).

441601 Object bottle

Spray gun

Spray gun

Suitable for the object bottle

440600 Spray gun

Cleaning agent doser

Cleaning agent doser

suitable for the 1l high-concentration bottle or to the object bottle.

440606 Doser

Outlet faucet

Cleaning supplies outlet faucet

suitable for the 10-liter canister

440605 Outlet faucet

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